• Resistivity Survey of Gulf Oil Spill in Louisiana

  • Air Quality Measurements in Newark

  • Diatoms

  • Borehole NMR measurements in Rifle, CO

  • Spring-time iron fluxes to the ocean

  • Asian dust particles over the North Pacific observed through shipboard experiments

  • XRF map of Zinc distribution in a birch leaf collect at Liberty State Park, New Jersey.

  • Undergraduate Casey McGuffy collecting surface NMR measurements in Svalbard.

Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences

The Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences (DEES) offers unique geoscience education and research opportunities. We focus on applied environmental education and research that serves well students wishing to pursue careers in the growing environmental consulting sector that is strong in New Jersey.
Our faculty strengths are in atmospheric chemistry, soil geochemistry, near surface geophysics, ocean biogeochemistry and structural geology. We have a well-established PhD program in Environmental Science. We collaborate closely with the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering at New Jersey Institute of Technology, the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at Rutgers (Busch Campus) and the School of Environmental & Biological Sciences at Rutgers (Cook Campus) to offer broad educational-research opportunities for both faculty and students. The department is also heavily engaged in educational outreach programs that offer unique opportunities for minority high schools students within the Newark Public Schools system.

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